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T-fal Kitchen Goods

You might be familiar with T-fal (or Tefal), the company that prides itself for the invention of the Non-stick pan. But few people know about their other great feature that has made them incredibly popular in Japan - the detachable handle.

Ever found that handle to be just an unwelcome appendage when trying to store your pots and pans? Ever wish you could just get rid of it except when you're cooking? Well, that's exactly what T-fal did with their line of cookware. Having a removable handle makes these items so much more convenient. Needless to say the items become stackable so they don't take up minimal space when storing (a great feature if you have a small kitchen like most of Japan). And the great thing is that you can put the pan straight into the fridge once it cools down, and then straight back on the fire again when you need to reheat your dish. How awesome is that? Of course you get the quality that comes with any T-fal pan as well. The prorietary teflon coats on T-fal pots and pans are as non-stick as it gets and extremely durable to boot. Also has a convenient indicator at the center of the pan that lets you know when the it's hot enough to start cooking.

If you find yourself short on kitchen realestate or just want a great set of pans Tefal is probably a worthy investment.