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Xenomorph vs. Predetor could battle on your desk

Product Review
Usually when we talk about awesome figures Bandai is not the first brand to come to mind.
However, this time the new S.H. MonsterArts series of high quality, fully poseable monster action figures: the Alien and the Predator seem to be as good as it gets. The two famed creatures are being released in the standard S.H. MonsterArts 18cm size, with all-new individually sculpted detail and the posing technology you've come to expect from Bandai's action figures. These popular characters from the dream-team series "Alien vs Predator (AVP)" will be released consecutively over two months. Now you can experience the universe's fiercest creatures battling inside Japan's fiercest monster action figure series!

Released by Dark Horse Comics in 1990, the "Alien vs Predator" comic book series represented a long-anticipated chance to showcase two of Hollywood's most popular creatures locked in mortal combat. The subsequent "AVP" series took the battles from the page to the silver screen, in a re-working of the original concept in theatrical form.

Check out the detail on those maws!
Incredibly life-like action possible.
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