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This season's Must See - Attack on Titan

The grisly but surprisingly rich 'Attack on Titan' feels is definitely growing to become the one of the few global anime phenomena in years – I haven’t gone a week since the show starting airing without overhearing a conversation about it. Sometime in the distant future, humanity is nearly wiped out by a race of giants (the eponymous Titans), who enjoy gobbling up us poor humans. To survive, the human race is forced to build and spend their lives behind a series of giant walls. This lasts until an even gianter Colossal Titan breaks through the wall, forcing our heroes to take up arms and attempt to stop the human race from going extinct. 'Attack on Titan' doesn’t back away from melodrama, often setting up a horrifying situation and playing out how its characters survive (or don’t) under the pressure. But the coolest thing about the show is the Titan hunters’ Maneuver Gear, grapple hooks which allow them to swing around, dodge and attack the Titans with dexterity that’d put Spiderman to shame.