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The age of "Edamame" (エダマメ)

According to the Nikkei Shinbun, the quintessential Japanese bar food "edamame" has become the second most searched Japanese cuisine-related word outside of Japan next to "sushi". Even those of you who don't know what edamame is would have surely witnessed it if you have visited any restaurant or drinking joint that calls itself genuinely Japanese - it's that handful of vivid green bean pods you find on the counter, and you'll almost always find it next to a jug of beer. Apparently the scrumptious preparation has become so widespread overseas that it's popularity even surpasses dishes like ramen (3rd in google search rankings), sashimi (4th) and tempura (5th) which have been synonymous with Japanese cuisine outside of Japan. * Rankings result of google search statistics gathered between January and November 2013 by Nikkei Shinbun