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Overkill Japanese baby product or godsend for parents?!

If you're a new parent you will no doubt have found out by now that your child's nose is perpetually clogged by gallons and gallons of snot (which your child will insist on keeping with all his might). And you will have also found out how ineffectual your puny nasal aspirator is as you try headlock your baby with one arm and try to stick the device into your baby's nose as he tries to fight you with everything he has. Well, trust the Japanese to go overboard with everything - here's the top selling item on Amazon Japan in the "Baby > Maternity Goods" category - a supercharged baby nasal aspirator going for about US$160. I'm not sure how much your baby will appreciate you holding this vacuum-cleaner of a machine to its nose, but I'm sure it'll get the job done.

The product itself seems a little overkill, but what's more surprising is that so people are buying it that it would rank first out of all maternity goods on Amazon Japan. In fact the top two items are nasal aspirators. You can tell how serious we are about sucking that snot out!

Smile Cute KS-500 Baby Nasal Aspirator (Long nozzle set with case) Latest
From16,800 JPY
(As of 2014/9/9 18:09)

Courageous parents with lots of money to spend on snot can buy the product online - this and the slightly economical version is selling for around $160 on Amazon Japan.