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Brought to you by Japan's most beloved animator, Hayao Miyazaki, Totoro is a slower-paced but stunningly wonderful portrayal of life in the countryside. When their mother is hospitalized because of an unspecified illness, two young sisters spend a summer in rural Japan with their father. The children's strange new environment turns out to be a natural wonderland filled with strange and furry woodland sprites (The towering Totoro and the smaller Chibi-Totoros) who can only be seen through their eyes. The film evokes both the apprehension and wonder children can experience unbeknownst to adults.

Totoro is really a nostalgic ode to the the traditional 'goodness' that was Japan - the warmth of family, the purity of rural life and a deep-rooted reverance for nature. As all this was being lost amidst the rocketing economic growth of the 50s Miyazaki tried to remember, if not revive them in the warm and fuzzy spirit-creature, Totoro.

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